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How to Create the Perfect Rental Ad

Featuring the best aspects of your rental space and including pertinent information are both very important and will help garner more of a quality response to your apartment or home rental advertisement.

Description: Include details that aren’t seen in the property description. [4]


  • Spacious garage
  • Great views
  • Private yard
  • Make sure not to exaggerate
  • Be specific
  • Include appealing or unique features
  • Give directions using key landmarks to indicate the location of the apartment


Every internet listing site has limits to how many photos can be posted.[1]

Pictures should cover these areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • bathroom
  • bedroom

If the ad has additional space, include photos of the following if available:

  • Green space
  • Pool
  • Floorplans

Pictures can say a lot to a potential renter; ensure photos  included are top quality by:[2]

Making the rental space look lived in. The apartment or home should look clean and clutter free.

Utilize natural or direct lighting to an advantage

  • Take pictures during the daytime or turn lamps and other direct lights on at night.
  • Don’t use a flash – it can make the area look artificial
  • When taking a picture, keep the main light source behind you.

Trying different angles is a good tip too

  • Take pictures from far corners for best angles
  • Taking pictures while crouching or kneeling is often a good method

Create rich media that is unique to the apartment or home rental ad. Create videos, virtual tours, floor plans, and room planners for the space to give the potential renter more options to view the space.

Make Your Rental Easy to Find! [7]

When you create your listing, take search engine optimization (SEO) tactics into consideration to get more traffic for the listing.

The optimization process helps end-users to quickly determine if the listing is relevant to their search.

By placing detailed specific information about the ad in the preset location, people enable their ads to be “crawled” by bots that record the information into a database called an index.

This index allows the ad to be found and displayed quickly when someone searches for one or more of the attributes that the listing contains.

The goal for creating quality listings is to improve the content of the listing so it can pull in more visitors from search engines. [5]

Do the following: [6]

  • Omit descriptions of scenery because it doesn’t help search engines index the ad.
  • Use keywords that’ll help readers understand what the property has to offer.
  • Identify specific locations instead of being overly descriptive.

Utilize Analytical Tools 

There are several free tools available that help you:

  • Analyse your traffic
  • Monitor your website performance
  • Make key optimizations

More in-depth traffic & SEO analytical tools can be found online and can be tailored to industry-specific analysis.

Not all tools are created equal, so its’s in your best interest to do thorough research to see which one is best for you and your website.

Every ad should be unique, and can have the best advertising possible utilizing these tips. Showing the best quality images and media online will get more people through the door to see your home for themselves.


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