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There are many diverse neighborhoods in the South Sound region; they often vary in cost and income. As of May 2010, the median household income for a Tacoma resident is $44,031.

Here are some specific costs for utilities, goods, and services:

1.) Auto gas price:
Regular, Unleaded ranges: $2.83 to $3.13 per gallon

2.) Average Monthly Water Bill: $15.33

3.) Average Monthly Electric bill: $60.83

4.) Average movie-theater ticket price:
1 adult ticket: $9.75

5.) Average rent for two-bedroom Tacoma apartments: $959.00/month

Income Tax:
Local: None
State: None

Sales Tax:
Local: 8.4 to 8.8%
State: 6.5% (food and prescription drugs are exempt)

There are obviously quite a few other factors that contribute to a Tacoma resident’s cost of living. A lot depends on your lifestyle and living habits, as well as your neighborhood. A person living downtown will usually have a much lower cost of living than someone farther away.

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