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Maybe you’re looking to have a brief stay in the Salt Lake City area to determine if it’s right for you. Or perhaps you’ve breezed into town to take a work assignment that could uproot you at any time and take you to another city far away. Whatever your situation, there are Salt Lake City apartments and homes available for short-term rental that’ll do the trick without sending you to bankruptcy court in the process.

If you’re absolutely green and don’t know anyone in the city, you might consider renting a room—contingent, of course, on determining the quality of the individuals you’ll be sharing a home with. With the comparatively low cost of real estate, you could find yourself spending only a few hundred dollars a month for a comfortable slot in a nice home. What’s more, you could end up getting a jump on the social scene.

Don’t want to spend the first half of the month moving in and the second half packing up to leave again? Don’t blame you. You can also easily get yourself into a fully furnished rental home starting at around $1500 a month for one bedroom.

Whether you’re in the market for a full-fledged home or just somewhere to lay your head at night, there are plenty of options for the short-term renter in Salt Lake City.

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