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If you find something on your credit report that you don’t like, you may want to consider trying to resolve it yourself or seek credit counseling through a government approved agency. If you do opt for help, know how to spot a scam and stay away from credit repair agencies that can’t back up their claims. Here are some of the warning signs, highlighted for the consumers benefit by the Federal Trade Commission. Watch out for:

  • Places that want you to pay up front for services.
  • Places that don’t inform you of the things you can do for yourself at no cost.
  • Places that tell you that you shouldn’t contact credit reporting agencies.
  • Places that advise you to do anything that doesn’t sound right or sounds illegal. You can’t get a new identity, and disputing everything in the report isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

If you decide to take on the task yourself, dispute anything you need to in writing and make sure to keep copies of all your correspondence. It can take some time to sift through things, but you’ll be better off than if you wind up with an agency that isn’t legitimate. If you try to figure things out and still wind up with issues you can’t resolve, consider credit counseling. You can find a list of approved agencies on the Web site for the Department Of Justice at www.usdoj.gov.

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