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While getting a second job may not be everyone’s answer when trying to figure out how to finance an apartment, for some people it may be just the right solution. Getting another job doesn’t always mean you’ll be slaving away all night at a local diner. Here are a few options to think about if you are open to the idea:

  • Make money with your hobby. Are you good at painting models? Why not see if you can sell some on consignment at a local store. Are you an artist? Look for a cafe that would be willing to hang your work for a cut of the selling price. You can have fun and make money too.
  • Teach something. Do you have a knack for dance? What about running a class at a local park district? Are you in marketing? Apply to teach a marketing class at an area community college. Use your skills to your advantage to make a little cash on the side.
  • Is a store nearby hiring part time? Even if it isn’t the most fun option, if the hours and pay are decent and it is close, it can be endured for a while. Plus, you might get discounts, depending on the place.
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