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Searching for an apartment is an exciting time in your life, but depending on where you are moving, there are certain challenges that you may have to overcome. If you are planning to move to cities such as Charlotte, Las Vegas, or New York, there are a few things that you need to know when it comes to the apartment search process, so keep on reading for some helpful hints!

Charlotte, NC
If you’re looking for a city that offers an urban feel with a hint of Southern charm, Charlotte is the city for you. You can rent sleek city lofts or even roomy, suburban apartments in this diverse city. An important factor to consider is whether you plan to drive a car or do most of your travel by foot, such as walking to work, to dinner, or to run errands. If you rent an apartment downtown, there is an excellent public transit system that can get you where you need to be. If you prefer to rent an apartment in a suburban area of Charlotte, you will definitely want to have access to a vehicle! It should be easy to find a place to rent in Charlotte that fits your budget; just remember that apartments in the downtown area will be more pricey than those in the suburbs. You can search apartments in Charlotte by price, location, and amenities.


Las Vegas, NV
A city full of excitement and entertainment, Las Vegas offers a variety of apartments to fit your lifestyle. Like Charlotte, Las Vegas has both urban and suburban areas to live in, so consider how you plan to get around in the city. There is a great public transit system in Las Vegas, and the downtown area is very pedestrian-friendly. If you prefer the quieter, suburban lifestyle, there are plenty of apartments for rent in areas outside of the famous “Las Vegas Strip.” Air conditioning is a must in this desert climate, so keep that in mind as you are searching for an apartment. If you have animals, be aware that Las Vegas requires you to have a pet license, and there is a limit of 3 dogs and 3 cats per household. With that said, many apartments in Las Vegas are pet-friendly, so animal lovers, rest assured that you’ll find a place to rent that accommodates pets! Start your search for pet-friendly apartments in Las Vegas.
New York, NY
The city that never sleeps is a great place to call home, with all of the excitement and culture that it provides to residents and guests alike. Apartment hunting in NYC is very competitive, so don’t get discouraged if it seems like every apartment you visit gets snapped up right before your eyes! Do as much research as possible ahead of time so you’ll be ready to say ‘yes’ right on the spot without neglecting important details. Expect to pay a premium for apartments in the city, and note that most property managers expect renters to earn a salary that is at least 40x the cost of monthly rent. With that said, don’t fear the apartment search process in NYC! Consider finding an apartment to rent with several roommates, in order to drastically reduce your monthly rental expenses. Also, consider searching for an apartment in April or November – the two best months to find an apartment in NYC. Choosing to live just outside of the city limits is another option that can save you money and help you find an apartment that offers more space! Start your apartment search in the concrete jungle of New York City.
Regardless of where you choose to call home, ForRent.com can help you find the perfect apartment to fit your lifestyle. Once you’ve moved in, check out this infographic to decide which Internet provider will be the best choice for you. Charlotte, Las Vegas, and New York are the top cities for Internet speed, so regardless of which provider you choose, you’ll have access to a powerful connection!

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