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Unless you live in the town you are moving to, evaluating the neighborhood will likely be an important step in the search for an apartment. Knowing which places in a town are good choices and which to stay away from can be a challenge, but there are some ways to get a feel for the area, as well as see if it has what you need. Here are a few tips for apartment hunting in terms of checking out the neighborhood:

  • Do some research on the Internet. See what information comes up about the city you are moving to. What are the crime statistics? Are there any areas they point out as a focus for economic development? What about sections of town that are filled with high-end stores? Also check a map to see if there are any industrial parks, factories or other places you may want to know about ahead of time. This can help you get an overall idea of the demographics and layout of the area.
  • Spend time there if possible. Ask people who live in the town for their opinions regarding nice sections of the city. Keep an eye out for things like boarded-up buildings or well-planted and manicured areas; they can give clues to what the neighborhood is like. Just being around will help you get a feel
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