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Narrowing it Down

Almost 50% of people in the U.S. are single. [4]

When people are looking for a significant other, they favor certain characteristics over others. Marie Claire says women probably rate these qualities these qualities as attractive: [5]

● Sense of humor
● Trustworthiness
● Kindness
● Attractiveness
● Intelligence

Apartment Hunting

● In Sept. 2011, 34% of housing (housing is written as apartments on the infograph) was occupied by renters. [1]
● In the fourth quarter of 2011, there were 4,058,000 vacant housing units for rent. [2]

Just like people narrow down the playing field when looking for love, they the same holds true when they are searching for housing. According to ForRent.com, the top 5 amenity searches were: [3]

● Dishwasher
● Pool
● Playground
● Garages
● Fireplace

Responding to the Hints


Sometimes the first few things said can make a powerful impression.

● OkCupid has a guide to what to consider when making your first attempt at writing an online dating message to someone in order to get a response: [6]

● Use an unusual greeting
● Mention specific interests
● Keep compliments general

Apartment Hunting

Certain words and compliments can pique a potential suitor’s interest, and words also pack persuasive power for people looking for an apartment. Maybe it’s things that match up to your wish list. MSN offers the following examples for things to have on a housing checklist: [8]

● Furnished/unfurnished
● Natural light
● Hardwood floors
● Appliances included
● Workout center

Making the Investment


Dating often involves both time and money.

● Women think $85 is an ample amount of money to be spent on the first date, according to a 2010 ING Direct poll. [7]
● People tend to date longer now than was expected in the past. [7]

Apartment Hunting

You generally can’t move into a place and pay as you please, so the monetary investment is definitely a factor.

● Typical deposits include “first, last, and security,” which means you pay the first and last month’s rent right away and also a security deposit for potential damages.
○ Security deposit can be reimbursed at the end of the lease. [8]

Decide If It’s Meant to Be


Not all relationships last forever. Some signs might indicate that it’s time to break up: [9]

● You can’t communicate with your significant other.
● You don’t get what you want or need from the relationship.
● You realize that you don’t laugh much anymore.
● You don’t feel good about yourself.

Apartment Hunting
It’s possible that after living in one place for a while, you aren’t as happy as you originally were.

● Do you no longer like the city you’re living in?
● Do you feel like your house or apartment is too small?
● Do you daydream about being somewhere else?


Apartment hunting and dating are closely related because they touch on four key components; narrowing it down, responding to hints, making the investment and deciding if it’s meant to be!


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