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The phone can be an excellent resource for those looking to narrow down a list of potential apartments. Many times the advertisement for a rental will give just basic information and a telephone number to call for more details. Take advantage of that and make sure you know some of the questions to ask when apartment hunting. Here are some to keep in mind when you call:

  • What is the address of the property? This information is not always included, and is important to know as it can mean the difference between an apartment that is conveniently located and one that is not. It can also help you in the quest to decide if the neighborhood is a good fit.
  • How many units are in the building? You’ll want to know how many neighbors you will have and decide if the number is something you are comfortable with; everyone has different expectations in this department, but it is an important thing to know.
  • Is parking available? If you have a car, you’ll need to find out what the situation is for parking and if it is included in the price of rent or available for an extra fee.
  • What floor is the apartment on? Some people prefer to be on the first floor to save on trips up the stairs, while others prefer a bit more of a view out the window.
  • Don’t forget to add anything else that is important for you to know ahead of time. Everyone has
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