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Finding kid friendly apartments may be a major priority if you have children. This search necessitates keeping young ones in mind during the apartment hunt. There are three major questions that you can ask when you visit properties to help you decide if they are right for your family:

  1. Is the property safe? Evaluate the building with little ones in mind, since kids and apartments don’t always make for a good combination when safety is taken into consideration. Pools can be a danger zone for children, as can balconies or poorly constructed railings. Living on a busy street may also be something you will want to consider carefully.
  2. Is this a good location in terms of getting the child to school? Apartments within walking distance can be a huge plus, and ones that are far away or off the bus route may not be the best pick, depending on your situation.
  3. Would my child enjoy this apartment? Child friendly apartments have some common characteristics: other kids and access to a play area either on the grounds or nearby. Be sure to consider things such as proximity to a library or park district facility, which can mean kid friendly programs are just a few minutes away.
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