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Giving students more control over their living situations results in fewer conflicts. [1] Social media connects billions of people from all over the world, so why not use it to find your college roommate?

  • Check with the college to see if there’s a Facebook group for incoming students. [1]
  • Post a status update on your profile to let your friends know you’re looking for a roommate.
  • Check with your school to see if they offer a roommate matching service.
    • This can give you a list of potential candidates. [1]
    • Start conversations and send friend requests to people on the list.
    • Nearly 50 colleges use RoomSync, a Facebook college roommate matching app, to help their students. [2]


  • Post a tweet that you’re looking for a roommate, using the hashtag #roommate.
    • Narrow down the search by using your city name as a hashtag, too.
  • Search Twitter for “roommate.” [3]
  • Use email and other social media networks to connect further with potential matches.
    • Weed out matches accordingly.


  • Post an update to let people know you’re looking for a roommate.
  • Start conversations with potential roommates.
    • Invite prospects to a Google Hangout so you can video chat and interact with each other. [4]

Tips for Living With a Roommate [5]

  • Set clear expectations for each other.
    • Discuss guest preferences. [6] – Is it okay to have people over late at night/early in the morning?
    • Discuss cleaning habits [6] – If you’re a fan of clutter, it may not be a good idea to select a roommate who’s a neat-freak.
    • Discuss pets [6] – Are there any allergies to consider?
  • Make plans for what to do if one roommate is unable to pay their rent. [5]
  • Discuss the lease terms. [5]
    • Outline who pays for what utilities. [5]
      • Place bills where your roommate can see them
      • Have bills emailed to you so they’re easy to share with your roomie. [6]
      • Clearly mark bill due dates on a calendar you both have access to. [6]
    • Outline whether or not subletting is okay, if allowed by the landlord. [5]


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Special consideration provided by: Neighborhood Services and Collaboration, Office of Student Life at The Ohio State University

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