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Fighting is no fun, but it does happen and roommates will need to know how to resolve any conflicts that arise. Having a plan for this type of situation is a good thing. Here are some ways to make peace and find your way back to a good relationship again:

  • Talk about the division of labor up front. Who takes out the dog? Do you switch off weeks to do the shopping? Get who does what out of the way and things will be less likely to get out of hand in the first place. Hang it on the refrigerator if need be.
  • Nip things in the bud. If you let anger build, it will come out sooner or later anyway. If your roommate does something to upset you, wait for a good time and then just tell them as nicely as you can. They may not even be aware they did anything to make you angry; give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Be the first to apologize. If it comes down to it, preserving the relationship is far more important than being right. It probably won’t matter in a week anyway.
  • Set a "talk time" for airing any issues. Catch up once a month and have coffee to share any concerns you may have with the other person.
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