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By the very nature of the relationship, roommates should get along with one another. Finding this type of relationship often means looking at some things to see if you are both on the same page prior to cementing the relationship. Here are things you should most likely have in common in terms of personality:

  • Temperament. Are you both mellow and easy to please, or does one of you have a bad temper? Matching moods can help things feel good most of the time.
  • Social attachment. What are your companionship needs? Do you both like to have people over all of the time or is one of you a loner? Living with a compatible style here will really help.
  • Energy level. Do you both prefer to stay in and be couch potatoes or does one of you always have to be on the move? One can drive the other one crazy if you aren’t careful.
  • Wake/sleep cycle. Early risers can be compatible with night owls, but it can also be a difficult match. Consider it carefully.
  • Open-mindedness. If one of you likes to go out to the bars every night of the week and it makes the other uncomfortable, it won’t be a match made in heaven.
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