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Drafting a roommate agreement can save roommates from having serious issues or problems with one another. Not only does it require communication, but it can help resolve any disagreements if they come up. Issues that should be covered include:

  • Each person’s share of the rent, utilities and how much they contributed to the security deposit.
  • The space that will be occupied by each person. In other words, who gets what rooms.
  • A plan for how to divide things such as chores, shopping, cooking and other duties. Be specific and try to list them all in as much detail as you can.
  • Storage/parking. Who gets what and how much of it?
  • Guest/company policy. How will visitors and company be handled? Will there be a limit or stipulations on this type of thing? If so, what is the arrangement?
  • What happens if one of you wants to move out early or if you can’t resolve problems between you? This may not be a nice thought, but having it spelled out in advance can save things from getting out of hand.
  • Make sure you both sign and date the agreement and consider getting it notarized.
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  1. Thanks so much! This helped a lot :)

  2. Should I include something about eating in the room, and how many pets?

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