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Looking for roommates can be a real challenge. While it might be tempting to just split the bill and go your own separate ways, that isn’t how things usually go. Here are some good places to begin your search:
•    Your friends and family. If you can live with someone you already know than you are one step ahead of the game. You already know their habits and personality and they know yours. This may be the best possible situation. Plus, you will know their financial situation.
•    Asking around. Tell people you know that you are looking for a roommate. You might find someone through your people network. Put some feelers out.
•    The newspaper or Internet. This is a little harder to do. Finding someone through an ad can be a little bit frightening. Just be sure you do your homework on checking them out before moving in with them.
•    Bulletin boards. College roommates often find someone to hook up with this way. If you are going away to school, take a look on the boards when you visit to see if anyone else is looking for a roommate too.
•    A co-worker. This might be too much time with one person for some, but an ideal situation for others. Keep it in mind.
•    Your church or parish. If you are moving nearby, consider checking with your local parish or church to see if you can find a roommate.

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