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If you don’t drive a truck in your day-to-day life, moving day has the potential to be a rather frightening experience. Driving, backing up and negotiating heavy traffic can all prove more difficult than the same things would if you were in a car. Just knowing a few tricks ahead of time can make the entire trip go much more smoothly and help you get used to driving in your moving truck rental.

  • Try not to back up any farther than you have to. Have someone help you out and be your guide if you need to back up and can’t see where you are going.
  • Be extra careful when you are turning. Leave yourself more room, as you can easily hit curbs, poles or other items. Trucks and vans have a larger turn radius than a car. Also make sure you signal in enough time to warn those behind you of what you are doing.
  • Drive defensively. While this is always a good driving tip, it pays off especially well when behind the wheel of a truck or van rental.
  • Use your mirrors. This is important as it can be much harder to see everything around you when in a truck.
  • Know your height. If you will be passing under any bridges or underpasses you’ll need to know if you will fit. The same goes for drive-through restaurants.
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