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Trying to get pregnant can be an exciting and scary time. If you’re trying to add to your family, Parenthood.com’s Pregnancy Tools can be a really great addition to your conception journey. The Parenthood.com Pregnancy Tools section features three helpful tools that can make getting pregnant less stressful, and maybe a little easier.

The Parenthood.com Ovulation Calculator is the perfect place to start once you’ve decided that it’s time to bring a bundle of joy into the world. Simply by entering in the first day of your last period, along with the length of your cycle, you can click “Calculate” to see when the best time is  for you to “baby dance,” or try to get pregnant.

Once you’ve calculated your ovulation date, the Ovulation Calculator gives you a “schedule” of your fertility – from your most fertile day to your least. You can use the calculator to give you a rough estimate of how your body prepares to get pregnant.

Parenthood.com’s Pregnancy Tools also features a robust Week-By-Week guide to your pregnancy. At each weekly stage, this handy tool tells you what’s going on with your little one and your body. From week 1 to 40, you’ll find detailed information about your pregnancy and your child.

You can also break down your pregnancy by trimesters so that you know what’s going on when your hands start to swell or you begin getting crazy cravings for pickles and ice cream. It can also help to reassure you that they symptoms that you’re having or completely normal, or alert you to something that you should see your obstetrician about.

You can also choose the perfect name for your baby using the Parenthood.com Baby Names tool. Featuring thousands of the most popular and unique baby names around, this easy to use tool can help you find a great name for your new addition!

The Baby Names tool features a number of ways for you to search for a name – you can search by name meaning, first letter, last letter, and learn the meaning of a name that you love. For example, you can learn that Alexander means “helper” and “defender,” while “Tarea” means “doing evil.”

You can also keep a saved list of My Baby Names using this tool, where you can keep track of the names that you’ve decided that you love for you and your partner to use to make your final choice. If you’ve already decided on a name you love, get started on a “Welcome Home” craft for baby by searching the database for her name’s meaning and making a beautiful painting for her nursery with the meaning.

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