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Mobile marketing is on the leading edge of making life easier for apartment renters on the go. Now, more than ever, marketers understand the need to integrate mobile into their multi-channel branding, customer acquisition and customer retention plans. Mobile marketing is most effective when your listings have a presence on mobile Web sites, mobile applications (i.e. iPhone® and GPhone applications), and through text messaging. Don’t limit your marketing potential! An effective mobile marketing strategy should start with a strong mobile Web site. Renters can view your listings any time, any place from the ForRent.com mobile site. In addition to receiving more than 845,000 pageviews in the last 90 days, the ForRent.com mobile site has also received more than 865,000 clicks. Be sure to reach renters through online video as well. More than 80.7% of mobile users coming to the ForRent.com mobile Web site can view video.

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iPhone apps are popular; our app has been downloaded more than 40,000 times. One out of six ForRent.com mobile consumers utilize ForRent.com applications. However, the iPhone only captures 25% of the mobile phone market share. 1   In addition, 16% of ForRent.com mobile users are using our apps and 83.7% are using our mobile Web site. Usage of mobile Web sites greatly outpaces usage of HTML sites on smartphones1. The most popular apps are used for entertainment purposes, such as games. Apple® does not provide detailed metrics for application use. Find out the iTunes App Store Categories and the Top-Sellers here.

Over the past 90 days, more than 35,000 text messages have been sent to property managers regarding ForRent.com properties. For Rent Media SolutionsTM offers the ultimate Mobile Marketing Solution for your advertising needs by providing multiple ways for apartment seekers on the go to search for an apartment.

Find out which mobile devices and manufacturers apartment renters are using to find your listings on ForRent.com’s mobile Web site here.

ForRent.com mobile users view your listings on the mobile site through these cell phone manufacturers:

  • Apple 48.3%
  • RIM ( BlackBerry®) 20.5%
  • T-Mobile® 8.6%
  • Samsung 5.3%
  • Palm 4.9
  • LG 3.6
  • Other 8.5%

* Apple mobile device usage increased 27.9% from June to July.

* RIM mobile device usage increased 81.7% from June to July.

* T-Mobile mobile device usage increased 80.25% from June to July.

The following are the top mobile devices by the top three manufacturers ForRent.com mobile consumers are using to view your listings:


  • Apple iPhone 38.9%
  • Apple iPod® Touch 9.4%


  • BlackBerry 8330 7.8%
  • BlackBerry 8320 3.6%
  • BlackBerry Storm 2.7%
  • BlackBerry Pearl 1.2%


  • T-Mobile G1TM 8.1%
  • T-Mobile Dash 0.5%

The ForRent.com mobile site adjusts to the dimensions of our users’ screens, reformatting for easy viewing and use. Most consumers are viewing your listings on the following screen sizes:

  • 320 x 480: 48.7% of mobile views
  • 320 x 240: 17.4% of mobile views
  • 480 x 320: 8.7% of mobile views
  • 320 x 320: 4.3% of mobile views
  • 240 x 260: 3.2% of mobile views
  • Other: 17.6% of mobile views

ForRent.com mobile users view your listings through these cell phone operating systems:

  • MacOS X: 48.3%
  • RIM: 20.7%
  • Unknown:16.5%
  • Linux: 8.5%
  • Windows: 5.9%
  • Symbian: 0.1%
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