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ForRent.com®, announced the grand prize winner and the top 10 finalists of its “If Only Your Apartment Furniture Could Talk” video contest.

Drum roll please…………………………………………………….

The grand prize winner is Brendan Walsh of “Furniture Talk.” Brendan is a 20 year-old student from Steubenville, Ohio, majoring in digital media production at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. His video gives viewers a “fly on the wall” point of view of the conversations their apartment furniture has when they’re not around. One couch tells the story of his lazy owners and why they should win $10,000 to add more furniture to their apartment. Watch this video at http://www.winapartmentfurniture.com/video/view/26.

“Social media is my life,” says Walsh. “In fact, I even created a Facebook group for my video submission to gain more views and votes. It’s like a chain reaction. I tell 10 people, they tell 10 people, and it spirals.”

The winning videos on WinApartmentFurniture.com were selected from more than 50 submissions created by ForRent.com enthusiasts from around the country. Each responded to the challenge to create a short video creatively telling ForRent.com, through the eyes and voice of their apartment furniture, why they should win $10,000. In addition to Walsh’s $10,000 grand prize, the top 10 finalists will receive iPod Shuffles. These videos can be viewed at http://www.winapartmentfurniture.com/pages/finalists.

The finalists includes great videos such as ‘Small Apartment Sickness’, submitted by Dane Boedigheimer of Riverside, CA, which was a great parody of Pee Wee Herman’s Play House. The musical melodies of ‘Help Me Out Bro’, submitted by Tyler Poppe & Leland Grant, and British sounding suicidal sofas in ‘Couch Talk’, submitted by Alex Farnham, were among the top ten. Creatively speaking, ‘College Bound’ by Michael Marencik, ‘Mikey’ by Nick Kanellis and ‘Tiffany needs a dream house’ by Jana Dowling really showed off their skills. And who could forget the ForRent.com lovers ‘Me and my mattress’ by Ryder Darcy in San Francisco, CA, ‘I need my own place’, ‘Get Discovered’ and ‘ForRent.com-Redcat Film’. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

“This contest provided a unique way for us to reach out to our brand community, allowing them to express their creativity and appreciation for ForRent.com and For Rent Magazine,” said Terry Slattery, vice president and general manager of For Rent Media SolutionsTM. “We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest, for helping make it such a success.”

‘Super Stoaked’ grand prize winner Brendan Walsh said, when asked what he was going to do with the $10,000, “First I have to pay out to my roommate and 2 friends that helped make it. We are poor hungry college students so we’ll head over to the grocery store so we can eat real food and no more Ramen noodles!” Congratulations to all the winners!

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