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I’ve written previously about the fear seniors have regarding the loss of independence. Sometimes growing old without having to move from their original home isn’t an option. Moving to a smaller, more manageable dwelling, such as an apartment or condo, is better than a nursing home where seniors lose a majority of their independence. Before such a move can take place there are four factors to consider in order for this shift to take place; security, exercise, health and socialization.

Before moving into a new environment, you need to make sure it’s a safe one. This advice is as true for young adults as it is for the after 55 demographic. The locks on the doors need to work properly. Not answering the door to strangers is an obvious and being able to identify suspicious people is important. Also, make sure you have all the information for the fire and police departments by your telephone. For extra precaution, you can look for an apartment community that is gated, such as mine, which also has a security officer out every night.

The second factor would be exercise. Exercise is important for all age groups, particularly for older adults. Is the community you plan on moving to a safe environment for you to walk around? Or is there a nearby mall for you to travel to? How about a fitness center? These issues need to be considered before you move anywhere as they are important for your health.

Speaking of health, this is another factor that has to be thought about before relocating. If you move, will you be able to properly care for yourself? Will you be able to get your own groceries, get them to the kitchen and prepare yourself a meal? Making sure your body has the nutrition it needs as well as daily exercise will keep you healthy and able to be independent longer.

The final factor, at least for these tips, is socialization. Older adults need to interact with a variety of people. Having meaningful interactions with people promotes a feeling of hopefulness and well-being. Not to mention keeping your mind sharp.

So as I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog, After 55 or not, For Rent Media Solutions strives to improve the apartment hunting process for all apartment seekers. Your independence and peace of mind is important to us. Check out our apartments for rent on SeniorOutlook.com and look at the communities you think would fit into these four categories!

Source: Unionsentinel.com

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