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What is Layar you may ask?
Well, if you combine the GPS and camera functions on your cell phone and feed in basic data about the landmarks in your area, you will have pieced together the main tools to create the augmented reality Layar application. As a free mobile application, Layar shows consumers what is around them by displaying real-time digital information on top of reality through the camera of their cell phone! How cool is that?

ForRent.com Layar Mobile Application
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ForRent.com is the only apartment internet listing service that has the Layar application. And it is only available on the iPhone® 3G S and Google Android mobile phone.

But this is how it works:

To find ForRent.com listings through Layar, apartment seekers must download the Layar application. Next, they search for the term “apartments” or “ForRent.com” to find the ForRent.com mobile application icon. From there, they simply point their phone in any direction and all available apartments on ForRent.com within a 10-mile radius will appear on the screen as colored pins.

Once the apartment seeker selects the property of their choice, contact information will pull up at the bottom of the screen. Apartment seekers can contact the property via phone or email. Through the Layar application, they can also access the ForRent.com mobile site for more property information.

The new mobile application is the latest addition to For Rent Media Solutions’ comprehensive mobile marketing suite of products that cater to the apartment seeker on the go, including the ForRent.com text messaging product, mobile Web site, and two additional mobile applications available through the iPhoneTM and T-Mobile G1TM (GPhone).

For more information on how the Layar application works, check out this video on Augmented Realty from CNN.com

So what are you waiting for?? Download the Layar application today and start searching for your perfect apartment using this new technological trend!

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