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Dear Fair Housing Lady,

I enjoy your articles and usually can learn something about fair housing from you. You have been doing this a long time, haven’t you?  I wonder if it is ever difficult to come up with ideas to share with those of us in the multi-family housing industry.  Or are you just a continuously flowing fount of information?


A wondering fan

Dear Fan (OMG I have a fan!),

Yes, I have been doing this a long time (odds are I am old enough to be your mother).  Yes, it is difficult sometimes for me to come up with ideas. And, no, the “fount” does not always flow and right now I am in a bit of a dry spell.  So I have decided to ask you, dear and darling Fan, for your help and input.  Here goes…

“To cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business life,” according to British author Samuel Johnson.  To provide reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities is a required part of a landlord’s life, according to the Fair Housing Amendments Act.  I struggle to come up with new information to share on this important topic (how many more ways and times can I say that landlords don’t win parking cases, and a service animal is not a pet?).  When pondering this (I am an excellent ponderer) I realized that there is an untapped fair housing resource out there.  And that would be you, dear Fan.  No matter how you fit into the multifamily housing business (in any position – here is a shout out to those great folks in maintenance), I want to know what special, out-of-the-box reasonable accommodations you may have made for those with disabilities to make it more likely that they live or better manage at your community. Or, if you are a fair housing or disability advocate, you are the expert with a special opportunity to see and understand disability issues, especially those related to emotional and mental disabilities.  I hope to get enough responses and ideas and stories to write articles or even put together a presentation and I always give attribution to those who give me information that I use.   So dear Fan, email me at [email protected]I would so appreciate your input.  And you would be cultivating a kindness not only for me but for others who could benefit from your experience and wisdom as I share it.

With anticipated gratitude, I remain

Fair Housing Lady

Fair Housing Lady is the alter-ego of Nadeen Green, Senior Counsel with For Rent Media SolutionsTM.  While that makes her our attorney, she is not yours, so her information is not legal advice for you.  She would love to have your questions for future newsletter appearances (so she doesn’t have to make the questions up, which is just extra work), so send them to [email protected].

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Nadeen Green is the senior legal counsel for For Rent Media Solutions. She has been an attorney and has taught Fair Housing law to the multi-family housing industry for decades, presenting more than 1,150 programs to management companies and apartment associations nationwide, including the National Apartment Association, IREM and AIM. Her reader-friendly articles and guest blogs appear regularly in publications and on websites, and she blogs as Fair Housing Lady at http://fairhousing.forrent.com/. Nadeen lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Ned.


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