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Does any medium really die? That’s debatable. It was thought that radio would succumb with advent of television. But print surely hasn’t – it just continues to evolve. Today’s print is interactive. In addition to complementing your online marketing efforts, print provides an additional avenue to engage with your customers and prospects. Even though the Internet has changed the way people approach print, it certainly doesn’t mean you should abandon it. So what is Interactive Print? Check out a few examples from leading companies.

  • QR Tags – [A QR tag provides useful information – such as coupons or special offers – to consumers through a barcode that is scanned and read by an application on a mobile device.] For example, Clinique used a QR code in Vogue magazine that consumers could scan to receive an exclusive discount. Multi-housing industry professionals can include QR codes in print ads which consumers can easily scan for detailed property information.
  • SMS (Text messaging) – Renters can text to receive more information about a specific property. Many Internet Listing Services offer this capability. (see related article)
  • Social Media Icons – Make sure you are part of the conversation. Include links to social media websites on your brochures and in print ads .You can gain insightful information from your residents on social sites – use the information to your advantage and engage with your residents and prospects.

So do you still think print is really dead? How are you using print today? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment.

Source: Cosmetics Leader Uses QR Code, by Roger Marquis, July 22, 2010 www.2dbarcodestrategy.com

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