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I was watching ‘The Wedding Date’ the other day and I heard an astounding statistic that made me rewind my DVR to hear it again. The commercial stated that according to Harris Interactive research, “On average, 236 members [of a national online dating networking site] get married each day.” Each day!? Are you serious? I couldn’t believe that. On average two hundred and thirty six members who sought out their loved one online get married every day of the year?? That’s amazing!

After hearing that statistic I immediately opened my lap top and looked it up (yes, I am that nerdy). The woman didn’t lie, it was an accurate count. I was shocked. So I then started looking up tips and advice about creating an online dating profile. Not for myself, of course, but just for educational purposes! 😉 And here are a few things that I learned….

Good First Impressions:
A good first impression is very important in the online dating realm. You need to make sure what you put out there is an accurate representation of yourself. The two specific areas I’m referencing are screen names and photos. You want to make sure your screen name isn’t too vague, but also accurately portrays you and maybe has something personal to go along with it.  Something like ‘Gillian<3VA’ is too broad, but ‘CreativeGillian’ would be more descriptive (although I will have to admit that still isn’t that interesting). Photographs also help make great first impressions. You want the photo on your profile to show off the real you. You want it to display your features (if you have a bald head, don’t try and cover it up in the photo…it’ll be discovered one way or another). Take lots of different photographs in lots of different backgrounds with different poses and choose wisely which one you want to represent you!

Personal Description:
In the description you write make sure you are first and foremost, honest. You want to show who you really are. Highlight great attributes you have through your profile instead of just stating them (i.e. instead of saying you have a sense of humor, show it through your profile or instead of saying you enjoy music, be specific about what type and what band, etc.).  Another tip is to be conversational in your description. You don’t want to come across as throwing a ‘sales pitch’ on why someone should date you!

Embrace it!
Check out all your matches, go with your gut instinct and find opportunities to meet new people. Date around and have a good time.  Enjoy the dating process until you find ‘the one’, because he or she will come around!!

If you’re relocating to a new area, I can only imagine how hard it is to meet new people. So look at the online dating strategy as an opportunity to get yourself out there in your new hometown. And I would recommend checking out our relocation center as well as our life tips page for more resources.


Pictures by:  katiecook2012, HeartsDesire11, cathy1489, and ChrisSullivan1 on flickr.com

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