Ever go on Twitter and look at the top trending topics? If so, you may have seen this hashtag appear #iDoit2. It speaks to various ideas, actions or thoughts that you may do and that others may do as well. You tweet the item you’d like to mention and encourage others to retweet if they ‘do it too!’

So we encourage you to RT these messages with #iDoit2 if you in fact do them also!

  • RT If you like to decorate your home with a beach motif! #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT If you think your pet is the cutest darn thing, no matter WHAT any1 else says! #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT If you like to ‘miss’ ur fav shows just so u can DVR them & skip the commercials!? #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT If you like to have plates, napkins & utensils coordinate when ur throwin’ a PARTY! #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT If you like to watch @FoodNetwork 2 get creative recipe ideas 4 cooking w/ur sweetie?! #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT if you prefer DIY projects because they are cheaper & u can take more pride in them?! #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT if you would like to SAVE MONEY and double or even triple coupons!
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    #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)
  • RT If you like to ‘GO GREEN’ b/c its good 4 the environment, NOT b/c it’s a fad! #iDoit2 (via @AptsForRent)

If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s okay….just RT those messages on our comments! Love to hear from u either way!

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