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Many of us heard Hyundai’s story in which they promised to let owners get rid of their vehicle should they lose their job. The auto company was acutely aware that people were afraid to make big purchases. So Hyundai announced it’s Assurance Program at the beginning of 2009, a pledge to let people return new vehicle purchases within the first year of ownership without penalty should they lose their source of income.  This incentive apparently worked as Hyundai rebounded from a 48 percent sales drop to a 14 percent sales increase in that time frame according to AutoTropolis.com.

While having that security on your newly purchased car is comforting, should you lose your job your biggest worry would be a place of residency! Rest assured there is a program called Lay-off Proof Lease which provides 60 days of rent-free living if you lose your job.  And after that time, if you don’t find a new job you may cancel your lease without penalty. Can you imagine that? If you lose your job and you live in an apartment community that is a participating property, you can live rent free for 60 days (restrictions do apply).  Bet you’re wondering what properties near you are participating properties, huh?

Layoff Proof Lease
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Well, that is easy to find! If you go onto ForRent.com and click on the search page you will see in the middle of the page ‘Search for Apartments by Name’, click on ‘Property Management Companies’. If you type in ‘Goldberg Co., Inc.‘, you will find a list of apartment communities that are participating properties in Ohio such as Granda Gardens Apartments in Cleveland and Settler’s Landing in Streetsboro. Are you looking for an apartment in North Carolina? Legacy Crossroads in Carry or Legacy North Hills and Barrington Place in Raleigh, North Carolina offer the lay-off proof lease.  How about Florida? Apartment communities include Cypress Grand and Westwood Reserve at Citrus Park in Tampa.  How about if you’re living in Texas and want to find an apartment community offering this incentive? Don’t worry, Toscana at Sonterra Apartments in San Antonio will take care of you!

Goldberg Co., Inc. prides itself on having a level of maintenance and management that is unparalleled in the real estate industry.  The apartment residents and office tenants are proud to be in some of the most attractive buildings and surrounded with the most up-to-date facilities and highest quality on-site management.

During these economic times, uncertainty is guaranteed.  There are very few people whose job is 100% recession proof, so having an apartment community that understands should a situation arise is very reassuring.  Weathering this economic storm would certainly be easier with more companies taking on this incentive.

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