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Consumers are constantly using mobile devices to look up restaurants, directions, movie times, etc. Apartment hunters looking to find apartments for rent on-the-go can rest easy. ForRent.com is keeping up with these mobile trends by providing consumers the with capability to search for apartments on their cell phones.

“With mobile devices growing more sophisticated, multifunctional and high-speed, consumers are relying on their phones to accomplish every day tasks from shopping to finding directions,” said Brock MacLean, vice president of national sales and development, For Rent Media Solutions.

So how does it work? On the ForRent.com Mobile Website, apartment seekers can find the same basic search information that’s on ForRent.com, including address, city, state and zip code. After the search information is entered, the apartment seeker will be directed to a search results page that features a property photo as well as contact information. Once an apartment has been selected from the search results, the apartment seeker will then be directed to a more detailed page for the property, where they will find a property description, additional photos, contact information and driving directions.

Imagine that you’re driving down the road and see a nice looking apartment community with a sign that says ‘Move-In Special’. You can use your cellular device to go on the ForRent.com Mobile Web site to check out the community. With the contact information at your finger tips, you can call to set up a walk-through appointment for later that day. Just like that, you’re on your way to finding the apartment you’ve been dreaming of!

With more than 25 million mobile phone users in the United States, going mobile is the next logical step by For Rent Media Solutions in the evolution of the technologically savvy products to provide for consumers. What will they think of next?

The ForRent.com mobile Web site is accessible to all cell phones with Internet capability. So let us know your thoughts. Would you use your mobile phone to search for apartments?

ForRent.com Mobile Website
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