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With leasing season heating up and potential residents looking for their perfect apartment, countless questions regarding apartment communities are sure to arise. Make sure that your community is being seen every way apartment shoppers are looking: mobile, video, online, print, social platforms, etc.

Social media is a simple and efficient place for you to start a dialogue with potential residents. Quick questions can be easily answered in a timely manner, and answering one question from a fan may potentially end up helping another. Responding to people’s tweets, blog comments and Facebook status updates will encourage a two-way conversation. Your comments on other people’s posts are as important as the conversations you start. Thanking people for commenting, whether it is positive or negative feedback, is a quick way to show you are listening and have taken their feedback into consideration. Craig Donato, CEO of Oodle, Inc., states: “Sharing updates with your extended network is what social media is all about. Do it regularly and keep it light. Share news and links as well as your listings. And don’t just talk about business: engage your fans with updates on local events, witty news stories and points of community interest.”

An open dialogue with residents online is an easy way to communicate information about your community to a large audience, while simultaneously building trust.

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