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Keywords are like bread crumbs. If selected correctly, they bring renters right to your door. There are two main types: short-search phrases and long-tail terms. Although short-search phrases are more competitive and drive more traffic to your listings, long-tail keywords are more likely to convert.

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 So, what do I need to know about long-tail keywords and short-search phrases?

Long-tail keywords (4-8 word combinations of the top 10 keywords) will bring more qualified leads to your door. Long-tail keywords drive potential renters with specific requirements to your property.

Property managers will be interested to know, when it comes to searching for apartments online, potential renters use short-search phrases (1-3 word combinations of the top 10 keywords) less often.  We have found that more people are searching for “2 bedroom apartments for rent in San Diego” versus “apartments in San Diego.”

According to Hitwise, roughly 60% of search clicks in the real estate industry are coming from long-tail terms. Renters want to find the quickest way to get to your results!

How can you do your part?

Make sure you maximize your SEO efforts. Start with all the text fields in your property’s profile page on sites like ForRent.com.

  • Include incentives or major highlights in the short description field. This field pulls into the meta description, which can be seen on a search engine’s search results page. This creates a better opportunity to capture your audience.
  • Maximize your content in all text fields with relevant keywords.
  • Include your pet policies, promotions and office hours

Optimization is key. Using long-tail keywords and short-search keywords together will provide you with the results in the long run. If you missed our last edition, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide – 10 SEO Tips for Your Website and Internet Listing Ads.

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