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Saying our consumers are creative is an understatement! They are brilliant. The videos that were submitted to our “If Only Your Apartment Furniture Could Talk” video contest are comical, entertaining and witty. Sure to crack a smile on your skeptical face.

Just check them out! You’ll hear all the bad jokes from the change stealing, remote swallowing couch.  Or join in the discussion as rental couches grumble about their lazy owners. And you’re heart strings will get strung in this true story of star crossed lovers in ‘Sectional Healing’ (gotta love the play on words there, also). And lastly, listen to the garage sale couches as they threaten to leave their owner in ‘Funny Talking Furniture.’

We could watch these amusing videos over and over again. But we wanted to share the wealth with you! So do the same and brighten someone’s day!

Happy Thursday! The weekend’s almost here!


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