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I’ve lived in numerous rentals. But I just LOVE living in an apartment; for me the reasons far out weigh any other living situation. Here are mine….what are yours?

Reason #1: Only Tied to a 1 Year Lease

Let’s say I change job and now my commute is a lot longer. I have the flexibility in an apartment to move a lot sooner than say, owning a home. And while some would prefer not to move around numerous places (for the shear hassle of moving things), others may prefer a change of scenery, which again is easier if you rent an apartment.

Reason #2: Who you gunna to call when something breaks/leaks?

GHOAST BUSTERS! Just kidding…..the maintenance personnel! They may seem like heroes when they come, but they don’t have those cool guns to zap rodents!?! But that’s a big reason I LOVE renting an apartment! I don’t have to worry about calling a repair man and how much it’s going to cost me! I just call the maintenance number, or the leasing office, and get someone out there. Sure I may have to wait a day, depending on the severity of the situation, but I’m not paying $400 to get my toilet snaked either! J

Reason #3: Less Responsibility

Yes you’re paying rent, utilities and other items. But the responsibility of owning a home is much greater than renting an apartment. When owning a home you have to continually do maintenance to the outside (yard work, siding, and roofing) as well as periodically make updates to the inside (update appliances, re-surface the floors, etc.). If you’re not ready for that responsibility, you may want to consider renting an apartment!

So there are my top reasons why I LOVE apartment living! Sure, I’ve heard all the benefits of owning my own home, taxes, return on my investments, etc. But for me, it really boils down to these three reasons why I continue to rent! Eventually I’ll be ready to purchase my own home, but for now…..I’ll stick to living in my two bedroom apartment!

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