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Renting furniture isn’t the only option you have for making a party fun. Some places will have a more comprehensive list of things available for rent, and some of these items can really make for a terrific addition to the atmosphere. Here are some cool options to think about if you really want to make an impression:

  • A popcorn machine. These add a great aroma as well as a "movie mood" to the evening. Great if you are watching a film, having an awards show party or even for viewing old family slides.
  • A cotton candy machine. This can be neat to have if you are doing a "carnival" theme or a costume party. Great for a children’s birthday party as well.
  • Balloons. These are becoming a popular way to decorate and many full-service rental places can arrange to bring them for an event. Choose from regular or helium.
  • Sno-kone machines. Great for a summer party and fun to make, this item can be a real conversation piece at a gathering. Also great for children’s events.
  • A barbecue grill. If you are trying to do an outdoor event in a patio area at the apartment building and don’t own a grill, you can find a rental.
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