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Sometimes living in an apartment can be made easier by renting furniture rather than purchasing it outright. College students, short-term renters and others may find that renting is an inexpensive and practical way to go. Here are some reasons you might want to consider renting rather than buying:

  • The International Furniture Rental Association states that those living in an apartment for two years or less may benefit from renting furniture, while those who plan to stay for three years or more might be better off opting to buy. You can use that as a guideline if you aren’t sure if renting is for you.
  • Renting furniture is a great solution for those who may have budget issues in terms of financing an entire household at once. College students often have a cash crunch that can be solved by passing on the buy in favor of renting out the pieces they need.
  • Furniture rental can be accomplished quickly for executives or those wanting to get a place set up in a short amount of time with a minimum of hassle. Many places can deliver within 48 hours and will pick up rental items for you at the end of your lease.
  • Some places may have a rent-to-own option that is cost effective for apartment furniture rental.
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