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Car rental can be an expensive proposition, depending on how far you are going and how long you will need it. Fortunately there are ways to cut the expense and get a good deal. Doing a bit of advance research and knowing some of the ways to save can get you a cheap car rental without a big hassle.

Starting early can be your best bet in terms of savings. Reserving a car ahead of time can lock in low rates and save you money. In addition, if you are going to need the car for a week or more, try comparing the daily to the weekly rate, as renting by the week is often less expensive.

Take advantage of the Internet and look for the deals that are often offered through major booking sites. If you reserve this way and get a discount, be sure you print your receipt and bring it with you so you have solid proof of the offer in case they can’t find you in the system when you get there.

Comparison shopping will be your best friend in the search for a cheap car rental. Make sure you really take a good look around before committing. Different areas will have different costs, so searching outside your town might be a good idea as well.

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