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When renting a car there are certain considerations you’ll want to keep in mind, depending on the reason you need the vehicle. Here are some thoughts to help guide you through the process and pick the place that is best for you.

  • Naturally you’ll want to inquire about rates, but don’t forget key items such as hours of operation and drop off charges if the car will be returned to another location.
  • If you have small children, make sure to ask if the agency has car seats, and if there is an extra charge for them.
  • Find out if your car insurance covers you or if you need to purchase insurance at the time of the rental.
  • Ask what documentation you’ll need to bring in with you to rent a car.
  • See if the place has any specials or discounts available that might work with your needs.
  • Ask if there are any additional fees that are not included in the quote you have received.
  • Ask if the company checks driving records. Some things on your record, such as accidents or seat belt violations might affect whether or not you’ll be eligible to rent a vehicle.
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