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Before moving to a new area, you’ll want to look into the rules and regulations of the community to be sure that you and your pet(s) will be a good fit. Find out ahead of time if there are any limitations on the number of dogs or cats that are allowed in an apartment, and make sure to double check the information with the building you are moving to and make absolutely sure you are in compliance. Also ask about any size requirements.

Also take the time to make sure your dog is welcome in the community where your new apartment is located. Dog breed bans are becoming more widespread in various cities throughout the nation. If you own a dog such as a pit bull or Rottweiler, you might find some towns will not allow your pet to live there. Some places will require a special license with a higher fee for certain breeds, while others may require your dog to be muzzled when it’s in public.

Check out the neighborhood parks in the area to make sure they allow dogs. It is also a good idea to know the leash laws in a new town before heading out for a walk. Certain communities may also have exercise areas or even dog parks.

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