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If you’re moving with dogs to a new apartment, make the transition easier by packing a bag and having a solid plan. Put together a special "doggie bag" for moving day with the essentials in it: food and a dish (along with a can opener if needed), bottled water, a few treats, a towel, clean up bags and a toy or two. Also make sure to keep other items accessible, such as a leash, dog bed, health records, microchip information and any medication your dog may need.

Most dogs travel well in a car, but if yours isn’t one of them, check with your veterinarian for suggestions prior to moving day. They may be able to prescribe something that will help them relax or ease stomach upset. If your dog is crate trained, transport them that way for a little extra safety assurance.

Dogs find disruptions in their daily routine upsetting, so try to stick to the usual program as much as possible on moving day. A long walk before all the activity gets started may help to relax them as well. Try to keep feeding times as close as you can to the norm, but avoid giving them food just prior to a long drive.

When you get to your destination, if possible, take the dog out for a walk right away so they can begin to adjust to their new surroundings. Dogs "see" the world through their nose, so they’ll want to get a lay of the land. Have the dog bed or a favorite toy ready in a quiet room after the walk if you can as it will help them to settle in while you finish unpacking.

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