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Can I find a nice apartment in Northeast Cincinnati that will accept me with a bad credit or eviction history?

Renters in Cincinnati with poor credit or previous evictions may find themselves facing an uphill battle when looking for a new apartment. However, not everyone with a checkered rental history is guaranteed to face outright rejection. Having a lease co-signer, renting from a private owner, or offering to put down double the security deposit can […]

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Is it possible to get an apartment with bad credit?

Hopeful renters with less than stellar credit histories may find themselves coming up against roadblocks in their attempts at finding housing. Property owners and apartment complexes routinely run credit checks on applicants; credit histories marred by bankruptcy, foreclosure, and public liens are usually the first to be screened out. If you’re one of these people, […]

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What are some fun party decoration ideas?

April 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

Decorating your apartment for a party can be a lot of fun. There are so many ideas and themes to explore, but keeping things simple can help make the preparation easier. Here are some thoughts to explore: Chances are you won’t want to store a lot of items, so make sure the things you choose […]

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How can I decorate effectively in a small apartment?

April 26, 2012 | 1 Comment

How to go about decorating your apartment depends a good deal on the space itself, and smaller apartments or studios often require a special approach. Here are some things that might make the task a bit easier: Mirrors can make the place look significantly larger. Opting for smaller furniture can help make more space. Consider […]

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Where can I find a Cleveland suburb without the long commute to downtown?

The so-called “first-ring” suburbs of Cleveland are a diverse collection of communities that each have their own history and personality. These cities and villages offer a suburban lifestyle while keeping residents close to everything that downtown Cleveland has to offer. To the east is Cleveland Heights, once home to John D. Rockefeller. The city features […]

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