What Moves You? Favorite Moving Moments

June 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

DHM_MovingMoments1_1023Now that you’ve completed your apartment search, it’s time to move! Moving means many things to people. It may be an opportunity to start fresh, a time to gather with friends, or to sort through long lost items. Discover what people value the most about their moving moments.


What was your favorite part of moving?


73% said “Creating a fresh start”

15% said “Sorting through items”

12% said “Gathering with friends”


While moving is an opportunity to create a fresh start, it’s also a great time to reminisce on all the great things that happened while you were living in your old apartment. Be sure to take photos so that you’ll have those visual memories to hold on to before you pack up your place!


Preparing for an Upcoming Move


Follow these helpful tips to make sure your moving experience is easy!


[1] Make friends with people lifting weights in the gym before you move.


[2] Just buy new things instead of packing old ones.


[3] Never be the person walking backwards.


[4] If the TV doesn’t fit in your vehicle, discard all items less important. (All items are less important).


[5] Tired of packing? Convince yourself that you don’t like the rest of your stuff.


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Source: ForRent.com Moving Moments Contest, May 2013

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