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What is Atlanta like?

April 25, 2012 | | 0 Comments

Where are the newest “hot spots” in Portland?

Where can I look for a hip or classic area in Portland?

Where should I look for rentals if I am hoping to live where there are plenty of arts and culture venues?

What is the music scene like in Portland?

What is Lake Oswego like?

Is the Portland area a good spot for outdoor recreation?

Is living in the suburbs a good option in the Portland area?

What is it like in Oregon City and the surrounding area?

What are some cities that are located to the southeast of Portland?

What are some towns located to the southwest of Portland?

Where are some places north of Portland that would make a good place to live?

What towns are both close to Mount Hood National Forest and to downtown Portland?

What is Woodburn like?

Is it easy to get around in Portland?

What is Vancouver like?

Is Portland easy to navigate on foot?

What are some areas south of Portland that are good to look at for rentals?

What are some cities to the east of Portland that would make a good home base?

What are some good communities close by that are located to the west of Portland?

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