Picking Your First Roommate (In College)

June 27, 2012 | 3 Comments

You’ve gotten those acceptance letters, you’ve graduated, and you’ve decided where you want to go.  Totally prepared for college now right?  What about that living situation?  Probably a freshman’s biggest fear is having that “monster roommate.”  Not to fear, there are ways to avoid this!

1.  Find a person who is the same amount of tidy as you.  If you’re kind of a clutter bug, find someone else who is too.  On the other hand, if you’re really neat you’re going to want someone who can live up to your standards.

2.  You’ll need someone who you can talk money with.  When there is an issue with bills or payments you’re going to want to be able to talk to your roommate about it with out World War III starting.

3.  Talk to your roommate about guest preferences.  Having people over late, and a lot of guests at one time could be something the two of you agree or disagree on.  Lay some ground rules from the beginning and find that happy medium.

4.  You’re going to want to be on similar sleeping habits too.  An early riser or a late night owl could be too much of an extreme for you.  Talk about your preferences and find what suits you best.

5.  Always ask about pets.  Are you allergic?  Is your roommate?  Do you have a little friend you can’t live without?  Work it out.

6.  Finally, choose someone for compatibility, not someone you like.  This means that your best friend who’s going away to school with you may not be the best choice as your first roommate.  Although you like each other and get along well when you see each other occasionally, living together brings out all the surprises and it may ruin a perfectly good friendship.



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