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As Director of Search Strategies at For Rent Media Solutions, a division of Dominion Enterprises, I work with our search marketing, user experience, analytics and product development teams to improve the site as well as other brands.

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What is King George County like?

King George County is in Virginia, and it is a beautiful area with 131 miles of shore along the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers. With a population of over 20,00 people, it can be a great place to live for a number of different reasons. The county is located near the Washington Metropolitan Area, but it […]

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What is Frederick County like?

Frederick County has a terrific location in Maryland—close to both Washington DC and Baltimore. Either one of the big cities is only a 45 minute drive away. Since it is the largest county in the state, apartments in Frederick County are easy to find. This area is one of the fastest-growing places in Maryland, and […]

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What is Fauquier County like?

Fauquier County is in northern Virginia, and it is on the edge of the Washington Metropolitan Area, about 45 minutes outside of DC. This makes it a good place to look for rental property if you commute to DC for work and want to live somewhere other than downtown. Apartments in Fauquier County are fairly […]

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What is Fairfax County like?

Fairfax County is home to over a million residents, and it covers approximately 395 square miles. Located in Virginia, this area is a good place to look for a rental if you want to live near, but not in Washington DC. Apartments in Fairfax County range from efficiency units with a monthly rent of about […]

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What is the downtown area like in Washington DC?

Downtown Washington DC stretches from the National Mall between the Capitol building and the White House. This area is alive with many things to do, ranging from excellent dining to live theater. There is also no shortage of museums and art galleries to enjoy. If you’re looking at apartments in downtown Washington DC, this is […]

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What is Charles County like?

If you are searching for somewhere to live around Washington DC, Charles County may be a good place to look. Located in Maryland, it is about 20 miles to the south of DC, which means an easy commute. Apartments in Charles County are easy to come by, with about 9,600 rental properties. If you want […]

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What are the apartments like in Calvert County?

As part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Calvert County makes a great place to look for rentals around DC. Home to approximately 87,000 people, this Maryland county boasts one of the highest standards of living in the state. Apartments in Calvert County are not difficult to come by, and you can search anywhere from Prince […]

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What is Arlington County like?

Arlington County, home to 210,000 people, takes up about 26 square miles. Part of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, it is just across the Potomac River from the nation’s capital. Apartments in Arlington County are desirable due to the amenities in the area, along with the easy access to DC. The region is a mix […]

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Is Alexandria a nice place to look for apartments?

Alexandria, Virginia is part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, and it can be a good place to look for rentals if you need to commute to the DC area but don’t want to live there. This town is known for its historic atmosphere, and it has numerous buildings that reflect that fact—many dating all the […]

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What should I keep in mind when looking for Washington DC apartments?

Washington DC, home to 570,000 people, sits on the mid-Atlantic coast. Washington DC apartments come in a wide range—from fancy, furnished apartments to small studios in the heart of the city. As the nation’s capital, Washington DC is full of opportunities to experience the history and culture of the United States. This city may be […]

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