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What amenities should I consider when moving to Cincinnati?

The summers in Cincinnati are hot and humid, and if you’re considering a move to the region and aren’t familiar with the local climate it might behoove you to determine a few amenities necessary to a comfortable existence. One of the primary necessities to renting Cincinnati apartments is that any rental properties that don’t come […]

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How can I find the cheapest apartments in Cincinnati?

When cheap is chief and cutting corners means the difference between three square meals a day and going hungry, you’d be surprised at what you can find when looking for some of the lowest priced apartments Cincinnati. If you’re willing to forgo some amenities in favor of the lowest price around, you can make a […]

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What are some tips to finding a reliable landlord?

One of the great benefits of apartment living is the lack of responsibility—not when it comes to paying your rent or behaving like a conscientious neighbor, but when it comes to issues such as performing general maintenance and fixing broken appliances. But if you’ve ever lived in an apartment before, or if you’ve ever known […]

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What are some of the towns west of Cincinnati along the Ohio River?

Big city life wears thin for some after a few decades. If you’ve lived in Cincinnati all your life and are looking to get out, it may come as a surprise to learn that you don’t have to go that far outside of the city to find a good number of lightly populated townships and […]

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Are there any suburban areas outside of Cincinnati that are comparable in rental price?

New residents to the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area may find interest in Mason, one of the fastest growing cities in the southwestern end of Ohio. Just 18 miles from the big city, Mason is a bedroom community with a population just under 30,000. With an average home value hovering around $215,000, property values are expected […]

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Are there any fun areas within 50 miles of Cincinnati to rent?

According to residents of Carlisle, Ohio, the aliens have landed—and they’re building homes. The best part about the story is that you don’t have to be a UFO enthusiast (or even a died-in-the-wool true believer) to be able to appreciate one of Carlisle’s most interesting roadside attractions: the Futuro double flying saucer house, which has […]

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What can I do to check out the crime rate of a particular neighborhood before moving in?

Conscientious renters should always perform careful research about the neighborhood they’re moving into, especially when placing themselves in a new environment far outside what they’re used to. If you’re considering a move and are looking for apartments Cincinnati OH, you should use all of the resources at your disposal to ensure the safety of the […]

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What are loft apartments and where are they found?

Renters that have “been there, done that” and lived in just about every conceivable construct known to man might find interest in taking up residence in any number of loft-style apartments available throughout greater downtown Cincinnati. Historically, loft apartments have been associated with arty types. Their continued popularity among the less orthodox among us has […]

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Where can I find a pet-friendly apartment near Cincinnati that allows Pit Bulls?

Dog owners in Ohio—Pit Bull owners, to be precise—are finding themselves in a quandary when it comes to finding apartments in Cincinnati that are pet friendly, but don’t allow Pit Bulls. If you encounter this problem, hold your fire. It’s nothing personal. Not against you, anyway. And it isn’t up to the apartment owners, either. […]

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Are there any tricks to getting around mandatory credit checks by rental companies and apartment owners?

There have been books written and fortunes made by people who promise miracle cures for bad credit, and if your FICO score reads more like an IQ score (we’re talking the low 100s here), you may have leaned in close to listen to a few tricks of the trade. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there […]

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