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What types of recreation areas are located in and around South Bend?

For those who enjoy rugged pursuits such as hiking and camping, deciding to settle in an apartment Indiana has to offer is sure to be satisfying. An abundance of recreation areas with trails and campgrounds can be found in and around the South Bend area, which means that outdoor activity is readily available during warmer […]

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What can a water sport enthusiast expect to find in the South Bend area?

South Bend’s close proximity to Michigan is ideal for those who enjoy water sports such as boating, water skiing, wakeboarding or swimming. If gambling is up your alley, you’re in the right place. Lake Michigan, a giant hub of all activities water-related (including casino boats), is just 20 miles from South Bend. If you want […]

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What is the Lincoln Highway?

If you’re a road trip junkie, settling down in the South Bend area would be a convenient way to satisfy your fix. From that location, you can easily hop on the Lincoln Highway, a highway stretching across 12 states in a continuous route from New York to California. The road traverses 3,389 miles, with a […]

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What does a typical apartment cost in South Bend and the surrounding areas?

The city of South Bend is within driving distance of three major metropolitan areas: Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago. While visitors and residents can find many of the same amenities that are found in those bustling big cities, such as fine dining, shopping and entertainment, the cost of living in South Bend is much more reasonable. […]

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What is a good “east Denver neighborhood”?

Apartments in east Denver may boast two very different views; the city skyline or the Rocky Mountains. The Uptown section of the city is the perfect place to see an example of these stellar views. An older neighborhood, filled with impressive Queen Anne homes and newer high-rise buildings, it is a beautiful place to live–or […]

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Is Greeley a good mid-sized town to live in?

Greeley is a mid-range city with a population of over 89,000 people. The town is just under the national average when it comes to the cost of living and there is plenty of housing available. Typical housing types include apartments for rent in Greeley, but also single-family residences, town homes, condominiums and patio homes. Styles […]

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What is the Riverside/Avondale area like?

If you are searching for Florida apartments, Jacksonville has some great neighborhoods to offer. Riverside is the perfect example. Just south of I-95, this section of Jacksonville is actually one of the biggest historic districts in the region. The "Five Points" area is especially interesting, as it has an artsy vibe to it, along with […]

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What is Westside Jacksonville like?

If you are looking for apartments in Westside Jacksonville, be sure to investigate all the possibilities before making your choice. This area has a number of interesting places to see—and apartments come in a variety of styles and prices. Baldwin, Marietta, Maxville and Whitehouse are a few places where you can begin your search. This […]

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What is the Southside area like in Jacksonville?

If you are thinking about relocating to the Jacksonville area, you will need to decide where in the city you want to live. Apartments in Southside Jacksonville don’t have the same feel as those in the Northside area, and the suburbs have yet another type of atmosphere to offer. Jacksonville is not a terribly large […]

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What is Saint Augustine like?

St. Augustine is a beautiful city with a rich history. The town is sometimes referred to as the "Old City," because it is the oldest city in the United States. This northern Florida town can be the perfect spot for those who appreciate the past, but also expect modern amenities. Apartments in Saint Augustine can […]

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