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As Director of Search Strategies at For Rent Media Solutions, a division of Dominion Enterprises, I work with our search marketing, user experience, analytics and product development teams to improve the site as well as other brands.

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How can I find a good veterinarian in the area I will be moving to?

Moving to a new area often means you’ll need to find a new veterinarian. Taking care of this prior to the move insures that pets will have a reliable caregiver available when they get to their new home. You can start the search for a veterinarian by asking others for recommendations, or by looking in […]

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How can I prove that my pet is a good candidate for living in an apartment building?

Proving that a cat or dog can be a well-behaved member of an apartment community can be a bit challenging. Most landlords have had some bad experiences when they have allowed pets to live in their rental units. Being prepared for this issue is half the battle. Don’t just rely on telling a landlord that […]

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What steps should I take to set up my apartment for pets?

Whether you have just gotten a new pet or recently moved to a new place, it’s smart to get the apartment set up for your pet. If you have a dog or cat bed, find a spot for it that is out of the way and has no draft. Older pets may appreciate being located […]

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What are some common behavior issues in pets and how can I address them?

Pets and apartments aren’t always a perfect match. Both cats and dogs can have issues that are problematic to a renter who wants to live in harmony with neighbors. Damage, noise and smells are some common complaints that get registered with landlords all over the world. How can you address these issues? Here are some […]

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Tips for Getting to Know Your Neighbors

No matter where you are, you have neighbors. At work, it’s the person in the next office, at school it’s the student sitting near you and at home it’s the person renting the apartment next to yours. The awkward first encounters between you and your neighbors are always hard to get over, but eventually will […]

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