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Jessica Hawkins joined For Rent Media Solutions in 2011 as a Marketing Assistant. She is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Business Administration and is currently a Search Engine Optimization Coordinator with

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What rental options are out there for apartment living?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

When you are renting an apartment, you might want to consider the other rentals that are available to you. Whether you need temporary help, can’t afford to purchase outright or are just looking for the least amount of hassle, here are some apartment renting 101 tips to think about during your time as a tenant: […]

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What are some steps to take to prevent issues with rental items?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Whether you are renting furniture or a car, there are things you will want to keep in mind. Renting means that you are borrowing from somewhere or someone. It also means you are potentially liable for the item, so it can pay to know what your options are if something goes wrong. It also makes sense to take […]

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