How can I make breaking a lease an easier situation?

April 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

Even if the apartment you are living in is the one of your dreams, you may at some point need to break the lease. Job promotions, caring for ill parents and getting married are all things that may cause you to need an “early out” from your rental. The conditions that guide any penalties for breaking the lease are normally outlined in the document itself.

Here are some things you can do to make this an easier situation for both you and your landlord:

  • If you suspect you may need to end a lease early, see if the landlord would be willing to set you up with a shorter-term rental or a month-to-month lease. You can also look into an early release clause and see if that might be a solution.
  • Let your landlord know as soon as possible about the need to move and see if they are willing to discuss options with you. Remember, the goal isn’t just to get out of the lease, but to avoid leaving on bad terms or getting a mark on your credit history.
  • Breaking a lease puts your landlord in a bad position. Try to be conscious of what you can do to make it easier. Subletting the property may be an option, but make sure you understand your responsibilities in this situation before agreeing to it.

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