Decorating Places to Shop on a College Dime

June 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

We all know the college-student lifestyle means lots of Ramen and no money.  So where can college students shop to decorate and personalize their apartment space?

First things first, check out the Dollar Stores and Dollar Generals in you area.  These places are loaded with college goodies and useful items, and they’re all right around that dollar price.  What more could a college student ask for?

The next best place to look would be those thrift stores you see around.  Check out your local Salvation Army, CHKD, Goodwill or YMCA thrift stores for things to decorate the pad with.  Not only are these places flooded with unique and interesting items, but they are at a good price for college spending and generally benefit some charitable organization.

If you have an eye for fancier and more designer things, and the Dollar Tree and thrift stores just aren’t cutting it for you, take a look at some designer consignment stores.  T.J. Maxx, Ross and Marshalls are all stores that will fit your trendier tastes while still keeping your wallet fat.

Be sure to check out antique stores, they hide some unique items!


This last place to look tends to be hit or miss, but if you’ve got a good eye you can find some treasures.  It’s yard sale season!  People have just finished their spring cleaning and are pulling out their junk to sell off and get rid off.  If you’re observant and a little lucky,then you can find some really good deals on lots of neat and unique things.


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