Uploads Apartment Videos to Social Media Sites

October 3, 2008 | 1 Comment

 Did you know that posts our apartment videos on various social networking and video sharing sites?  We upload videos to our video syndication network which consists of a variety of sites such as: YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, Dailymotion and many others! Why do we do this? wants to make sure that we are reaching renters and prospective renters in as many places as possible so that it makes the apartment search easier.  These videos really provide a rich cinematic view of both the apartment community and the surrounding area.

The way people search for information has changed and wants to make sure that we provide you with apartment information when you want and how you want it. So next time you are logged into MySpace or watching a funny video on YouTube, check out apartment videos by!

Here is a list of the most recent videos uploaded! Williamsburg Plaza Apartments For Rent in Platte City, MO Emerald Forest Apartments For Rent in Durham, NC Summit Ridge Apartments in Lewisville, TX Video Eitel Building City Apartments For Rent in Minneapolis, MN The Vintage at the Grove Apartments in Manchester, CT Woodbury Park at City Centre Apartments For Rent in Woodbury, MN Beaumont Farms Apartments For Rent in Lexington, KY The Polo Club Apartments in Strongsville, OH Video Parlmont Park Apartments For Rent in Billerica, MA Video West Village Urban Loft Apartments For Rent in Durham, NC Endicott Green Apartments For Rent in Danvers, MA Video Colonial Grand at Heathrow Apartments in Lake Mary, FL Video

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