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ForRent.com Wants to Help You Find Pet-Friendly Apartments

August 18, 2009 | 0 Comments

Pet owners of America understand the true meaning of ‘your pet is a part of your family.’ There’s no way around it, that dog or cat that you have included in your home is now like one of your children. And ForRent.com understands that too, because just like you, we are pet owners! Take a look at a few of our family members.

ChihuahuaBailey, Chihuahua, Male, 3 ½ years old.
This picture accurately portrays my Bailey. He is feisty and always ready for action. Contrary to the Chihuahua label, he is far from a prissy dog. With cat-like characteristics, he pounces on you or anything else that moves by.  He also likes to bark….a lot! But you’ll get no better security system, as he hears noise ½ a mile away! He his is father and I’s pride and joy; I cannot imagine life without him. -Gillian Luce

Pitbull MixBailey, American Red-Nosed Pitbull, Female Almost 2 years old

Bailey is very high energy and would play Frisbee all day long if she had the opportunity. As a morning routine (if she’s not running around with a sock in her mouth) she has a tendency to put her paws on the bathroom counter and watch me as I am brushing my teeth. She loves being involved in everything, which includes licking anyone who comes within reach. Her charm is undeniable. Bailey transcends the stereotypes about Pitbulls on a daily basis! -Jessica Lambert

Rottweiler/Doberman MixCash, Rottweiler/Doberman Mix, Male, 1 year

Ladies. Hide your heels. Cash wants nothing more than to destroy them! A young pup, Cash loves to keep his mom on her toes! At nearly 100 lbs, his massive size is only trumped by the massive amount of love and affection he shows to others, whether he knows them or not, Cash never meets an enemy. His dark, shiny coat and smiling face is always a crowd pleaser attracting young and old, male and female who can’t help but pet this larger-than-life little love bug. In his spare time, Cash enjoys running around in circles and playing with his favorite chew toys! -Meredith Mobley

We understand how important it is to keep your family together, all of your family. So when you need to move, be sure to check out ForRent.com for pet-friendly apartments.

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